Commemorative sign of Vicente Brull street in Valencia.

Vicente Brull Roca, was dedicated in loading merchandises inside Valencia Port and in transporting people and cargoes with wagons. In 1847, during his life´s second stage, he started a transport business to be taken to the Port. Valencia city recognized his merits designating a street with his name as gratitude.

Vicente Brull Mengó, his son, uprised the trasnport business to wich dedicated all his efforts and life. The first trucks adquired by him come together with the beginnings of photographic art.

Vicente Brull García, his grandson, continues the saga with container transportation.

The Valencia Chamber of Commerce recognized the company´s centenary by means of a commemorative diploma. Really the family´s tradition is over 150 years.

Today, form «Transportes Vicente Brull, S. L.» fourth generation continues serving with it´s wide experience and honesty.

Centennial company commemoration diploma awarded by Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

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